Data Cabling and Networking Service Provider in Harrow, UK

AYS System is a leader When it comes to high-end network cabling installation services. For a long time, We have been serving both residential and commercial clients with fast and reliable & Best data cabling services and network cabling services that can be used for attaining numerous goals. Whether you have a system of cameras installed at your home or you are simply looking to boost the efficiency of your power connection, We have the right expertise for you.

Best Data Cabling & Network Cabling Installation Service Provider in Harrow, UK. As a reputed network cabling installation company that has perfected its skillset about data networking, our network cabling installer helps you to install fresh data systems or upgrade your old ones. We can also optimize your data solutions so that you can have the best use of them. Our solutions are in line with the current industry standards.


Data cabling is essential to keep your IT network running quickly, smoothly.


Our networking service builds systems to specification ranging from entry level workstations to multiprocessor servers.


Very good overall training on installation, testing and product knowledge of fibre optics.


Fast and dependable data cabling is a must-have for any successful business. We can provide expert and reliable data cable installations.


Timely repairs which mitigates the risk of losing data due to networking glitch.


Affordable onsite network support from professional technicians and engineers.

Structured Cabling

At AYS System, We offer designing, creation, and development of high-end computer cabling systems. Our data cabling services include data, phone as well as fiber optic cabling systems for a wide range of requirements and degrees of complexity. Structured cabling systems can serve as the most important infrastructure and foundation for your business or multiple systems that depend on them. With our network cabling installer, you can manage any scale and assembly of information systems so that the network structures run smoothly.

Fiber Optic Cabling

We are highly skilled at working with cutting-edge fiber optic cables that can be used for communications and transferring all kinds of data. Our fiber optic installation experts can install fiber optic cables so that all telecommunication goals and electrical purposes are handled in the best possible manner. Whether You are looking to have enhanced bandwidth for your internet connections or simply want to improve data coverage, We can deliver you the finest fiber optic cabling services.

Electronic Security

When you consult us for our electronic security solutions, we can provide you with comprehensive electronic security that can manage all your safety requirements from thefts and break-ins to fire hazards and access control systems. With our help, You can endlessly customize the electronic systems of your home and attain the flexibility that You have always wanted. We have the skills to accommodate both residential and commercial clients.

Video Surveillance

Here at AYS System, We can provide you with cutting-edge video surveillance & CCTV installation solutions that can help you to stay safe Whether you are in your home or office. Setting up IP cameras and syncing computer systems with such video capturing cameras require in-depth skill and knowledge in data networking. We can address any kind of specific requirements That you may have and deliver you cost-effective and reliable solutions.

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