Protect your Property with Modern Intruder Alarms

Are your security requirements stressing you out? We at the AYS security systems, hold expertise in setting up a loud and accurate intruder alarm system that notifies you as soon as your home security is bothered inappropriately. An intruder alarm system is one of the highly demanded security essential services from several other offered security system services. Our intruder alarms are crafted with the latest technology and have immense features that along with saving your belongings, also protect your loved ones from unauthorized entry. Our team of professionals will analyze your living/working area and suggest where and which intruder alarm could resolve your needs.

We believe in fulfilling the security requirements of homes and workplaces with unmatched and smart intruder alarms installation. As soon as an unauthorized entry is detected, it starts buzzing and notifying the people around as well as it sends a push notification to all the smartphones it is connected to. Thus, the sound of the intruder alarm system does not give the thieves room to escape.

Specifications and features of intruder alarm systems:
  • Multiple protection modes to choose from
  • Extensive battery backup
  • Authenticates every device on connection
  • Hops frequency in case of jamming and interference
  • Multiple communication channels
  • Device communication is encrypted
  • Smoke and moisture detection is an add-on
  • Sleek and stylish device design
  • Get instant alerts with push notifications, SMS, or phone calls
  • Get arming and disarming reminders
  • Manage device configurations from anywhere

Integrated Security Solution

While opting for a burglar alarm installation service you of course would check how perfectly it can integrate with the other appliances installed within the house. Our burglar alarm installation is also considered as one of the best home alarm systems in the UK as the splendid features attract every forthcoming customer. Even if we are just enquired about the intruder alarm fitters, we follow a customer-first approach and that’s what sets us apart from other intruder alarm installers.

Integrated Security Solution

Smart and Intelligent Intruder Alarms

Our smart intruder alarm comes with several intuitive features attached to it. The security alarm system is a wireless system offering ultimate protection to your surroundings. It is quick, reliable, and accurate and is crafted to sense not only the forced entries but also notifies you when a real incident occurs. You will not experience any false alarms, if it senses something real, only then it will notify every device connected to it and prevent massive trouble. It identifies and eliminates the triggers like objects moving, wind waves, kids, or pets activities in the house to focus on the real issues.

Smart Intruder Alarms

Easy Installation

If you check out top intruder alarm installers in London, we will be featuring in the top results because of all the love and faith our customers have in us. Our team of professionals analyzes your home area and accordingly will suggest the type of alarms system you probably should go for. Installation is the easiest of all as it does require very little effort in setting up a device and integrating it with other devices. Once installed, our intruder alarms will identify and notify about the intrusions, immediately. Our impeccable alarm devices are crafted with latest the algorithms and functionalities for threat detection and thus, no false alarm could be sensed.

Intruder Alarms Installation

Tailor-made Solutions

We are experts in offering handcrafted security solutions for homes and businesses. You will be suggested an intruder alarm installation service once our prominent team of professionals has analyzed your surroundings. Our solutions also comprise tailor-made services as we believe no intruder will go undetected. Be it technology or adding custom features, our range of security products provides security against the most unexpected break-ins.

Tailor-made Intruder Alarms


  • Reliable intruder alarm installation offered at best-in-class prices
  • Smart security alarm system trusted across industry verticals
  • Customer-first intruder alarm system for homes and offices
  • Appreciable customer service
  • FREE consultation and budget maintenance packages

Get instantly notified when forced entry, fire, a water leak is sensed. Consult the security experts and know what security alarm system suits your requirements. Not just any alarm systems, we only choose the right one for the right needs.