Does an Alarm System Increase the Value of Your Home?

If you are thinking about selling your home now or sometime in the future, you are probably looking for ways to increase its value so you can get the absolute highest offer possible. Being a security company, we at AYS System are frequently asked by new and second homeowners if installing an Intruder alarm system will increase the value of their home. Our answer? Yes. 

How? Take a look below to find out!


An Alarm System Increases the Actual Value of Your Home

With the popularity of home security systems increasing, many buyers are looking for homes where Intruder alarm systems are already installed. So, just as adding a swimming pool, building a deck, or updating your kitchen can increase the number of offers you receive, so can a home alarm system.

You’ve purchased the equipment and paid for its installation, which means all buyers have to do is contact a security company. You save them time and money — many buyers are willing to pay more for this convenience.


An Alarm System Increases the Perceived Value of Your Home

While an alarm system has a monetary value that can increase the market price of your home, it also has a perceived value due to its functionality. Intruder alarm systems are installed for the purpose of keeping your home and family safer. Some buyers will likely look at the price of an alarm system and see if the added monetary value it brings is enough to justify the cost of your home. Perhaps more buyers, though, will consider the benefits a home alarm system brings instead. They will think of the added safety, security, and peace of mind that comes with having a system. This will not only make increase the perceived value of your home, but it will have buyers questioning whether or not they should buy other homes that do not have alarm systems installed.


Discounts on Homeowners Insurance Justify an Added Investment

Because alarm systems can prevent burglary as well as fires and flooding when paired with other security technologies, the installation of a system often results in a reduction in your homeowner’s insurance premiums. Your house is statistically at less risk of experiencing damage from one of these threats, so insurance companies are willing to charge you less. The amount discounted depends entirely on the insurance company and your policy. This doesn’t exactly increase the value of your home, but if buyers know of this discount, they may be willing to pay more for your property.


Alarm Systems Don’t Just Add Value to Your Home, They Add Value to Your Life

home Intruder alarm system is an investment that you want to be able to justify before buying — we understand that. But an alarm system can do more than just improve the value of your home. With incredibly convenient home automation features like light control, thermostat control, and more, alarm systems can make your life easier and your home more enjoyable.



We at AYS Systems, hold expertise in setting up a loud and accurate Intruder alarm system that notifies you as soon as your home security is bothered inappropriately. An intruder alarm system is one of the highly demanded security essential services from several other offered security system services

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