Smart Door Access System/Video Door Entry System for Utmost Safety

Have you ever feared who’s at the door and should you open it to know? In cases where kids are alone at home when the parents are at work, they tend to open the door out of curiosity without bothering who it could be! Our smart door access system lets you know who is knocking and whether you should be opening it up or not. With the wireless door access system, you could access it through your smartphone from any corner of your house. Not only this, you can even check from the wireless access control system when you are away. Isn’t this an impeccable solution that lets you ensure your loved ones are safe and secured?

At AYS systems, we offer a door access control system for offices and homes and make you are surrounding a better place to live. Why tolerate unauthorized access, when you leverage the best access control system in the UK? If you are concerned about a vile entry into your home or office, our wireless access system/video door access control system is the answer to your fear. Never miss a visitor; you’ll be notified every time anyone visits your home or office.

Features and Specifications of our Door Access Control Systems:
  • Theft Prevention through presence control
  • Direct Parcel Deliverer via smartphone
  • Video and audio call Push notification to up to 8 smartphones
  • Multiple connectors with a single access control system
  • Visitor History Recording
  • HD Video, 4D Motion Sensor, 180° Wide-Eye hemispheric lens, RFID, Infrared Night-Vision, Bank-level encryption
  • Home Automation compatibility for Control4, Synology, Loxone, AVM FRITZ!Fon, Crestron, ELAN, QNAP, RTI, Fibaro, URC, Bang & Olufsen, etc.

Adaptable Access Control Systems for Homes and Offices

Our prominent door access system provides immense security to the area it covers. With intuitive features and the latest technology functionalities, our wireless access control systems grants access to genuine ones and this will be decided by the owner. The video camera at the door pictures the person standing outside. There is also an in-built audio system to interact with the person who pressed the doorbell. You can visualize them; hear them before deciding whether to grant them access or deny them.


Quick Installation, Easy Usage

Our team of door access system installers holds years of experience in accomplishing the installation tasks rigorously on time. The wireless video door access system installed has been connected to the home network and can easily be accessed through your smartphone, no matter how far you are. Multiple smartphones can access the door access system at the same time. You do not need to go and check who’s at the door every time someone arrives as your smartphones let you know automatically when the bell rings.


Modern and Efficient

Providing best-in-class door access system features is what we strive for. Studded with the latest hardware functionalities, our office access control system is the perfect solution for tech supporters. Our brilliant access control system will not let the restricted person get in no matter whatever the situation would be. The high-resolution camera used in the video doorbell system could notify you about the visitor and thus, you could decide whether to allow him/her or not.



The wide eye hemispheric lens and infrared night vision camera could offer a clear view of who is outside even if there is complete darkness. As the doorbell rings, it notifies all the connectors about who has arrived. Even the visitor history is recorded and could be gone through later. Our wireless access control system is robust and can withstand climatic changes. Thus, irrespective of the harshness of the weather, our door access control system will still be actively working.



  • Best door access system solution delivered at a competitive price
  • Perfect access control system trusted by loyal customers
  • Customer-centric access control system for homes and offices
  • Quick and satisfactory customer service
  • FREE consultation and budget maintenance packages

Know about the type of wireless video door access system that suits your requirements and gets the quick installation service by our experts.